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The Italian entrepreneurial fabric can boast companies specialized in mechanical processing and NOVOCEM GROUP SRL, as a consultant thanks to the experience in the sector and the trained staff, has managed to establish itself over the years, to become a company specializing in the design and implementation of projects according to the request of customer and at the same time become a point of reference for important companies working in the engineering sector.

After having carried out an initial survey of the design delivered by the Customer, NOVOCEM GROUP SRL selects the raw materials to be used for the machining of mechanical parts and takes care of finding them. The choice of qualified suppliers allows this company to maintain the high quality standard of the products produced.

Steels destined for the reclamation treatment (hardening followed by tempering around 600 ° - 1400) which gives the steel resistance and tenacity. They are used in the mechanical sector for the construction and processing of mechanical parts subjected to stress such as gears, cranks, supports, rods, pins, drive shafts, decks and shafts. After surface hardening treatment they reach high technological performances.

Type of steel super alloy alloys used in the construction of mechanical organs subject to stresses and twists like trees, tie rods, gears, stressed mold holders and integral molds.

Special steels comprising a series of materials which are put into operation after suitable thermal or thermomechanical treatments such as to enhance their properties. They are intended for different uses in the metal industry.

Machining of various aluminum alloys with different mechanical tensile strength are carried out.
The guarantee of a prepared department makes this company a point of reference for Customers who wish to start long lasting and continuous collaborations.

NOVOCEM GROUP SRL designs and executes works at companies specializing in aluminum and steel of various types, including turning, milling and boring for the construction of equipment, mechanical parts for transfer machines and assembly machines for third parties.

in the field of HOT SECTION (casting), we are able to analyze the project and choose the best European company for the realization of the project and then continue the mechanical processing at specialized companies, the trained and competent staff, follows all the processing phase starting from the knowledge of the technical design passing through the tooling and the programming, For this reason, the advice of NOVOCEM GROUP SRL is the ideal partner also for the realization of particular drawings.

NOVOCEM GROUP srl after having performed the work required by specialized companies, supports and supports the customer with a prepared and professional advice regarding the choice of treatment to be applied to the mechanical parts produced. ( breazing)

The surface treatment ( coating) operations are entrusted to a qualified external company specialized in the execution of treatments such as nickel plating, galvanizing, burnishing, phosphating, heat treatments and galvanic treatments ...

all phases are provided by standard certificates, depending on the specific request of the customer.