About Us

NOVOCEM GROUP S.r.l. is an engineering and research company both in the mechanical and chemical world, combining long-term experience in the design and implementation of various complex projects and plants. The skills developed by each of the professionals and technicians involved, ranging from the design of MECHANICAL pieces up to the special CHEMICAL TREATMENTS in the field of turbines and other engines, while in the field of realization and formulations of chemical products in the INDUSTRIAL FLOORING sector and even the anti-rust we are now at the application level both in the petrochemical and in the industrial flooring sectors. we try to combine our knowledge with the needs of our customers, thanks to our vast knowledge in the productive and industrial world that has allowed us to formulate also some additives for the CASTING sector ..... all this knowledge scentifica, they compensate each other to build a flexible structure with a strong vocation for synergy.

The Mission of the Company is to Assist Customers in the Market Providing a Proactive, Competent and First Quality Services Based on the Knowledge of the Main Capabilities Required By Customers
- Measurement, Evaluations, Site Surveys, RCA, Reporting
- Final Customer Management (Responsiveness, High Level Project Scheduling, Critical Issues Identification)
- Skilled Technical Advisors for Supervision at Site
- Technical & Soft Training

Project Management
- Customer relations
- Purchasing support & Expediting - Material handling
- Planning

Engineering Support
- Documents & Quality Procedures
- Site Surveys
-Issue Identification and Modification Proposals
-Field Supervision (Installation and Maintenance) -
- Auxiliary Systems